In 2007 this was the official website of the Walden Chamber of Commerce. The content is from the site's archived pages.

There are three Walden Chambers of Commerce in Colorado:
North Park Visitors Bureau
467 Main St, Walden, CO 80480

Poudre River & Red Feather Lakes Tourist Council
31635 Poudre Canyon Highway, Bellvue, CO 80512

North Park Chamber of Commerce
416 4th Street, Walden, CO 80480

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Welcome to Walden Circa 2007

Walden, the "Moose Viewing Capital of Colorado", is a recreational and natural resource gem, located in the pristine mountains of North Park.

Abundant wildlife, fishing, hiking and x-country trails, snowmobiling and the northern sand dunes are all in the backyard.

The real west lives here. Old time patterns in ranching, logging, and mining mix with modern practices.

Come visit where there is room to roam. 


Welcome to Walden.


Diverse Year-round Outdoor Recreation

Located in the scenic north central portion of Colorado, North Park and Jackson County offer a wide range of outdoor recreation opportunities in spectacular mountain settings. Terrain varies from 12,000 feet glacier carved peaks to lush river valleys, even sand dunes. Be it summer, fall or winter you'll find that North Park has a unique natural beauty and a down-home western atmosphere. If you are looking for an undiscovered alpine recreation are to spend a few hours or a week, North Park is the place for you. Modestly priced accommodations and tourists services are open all year.

Abundant Snow and Winter Activities

   North Park's mountain peaks and valleys receive some of the greatest annual snowfalls in Colorado. Many locations average over 300 inches per year! Plowed state and federal highways provide easy access to North Park's miles of maintained snowmobile and cross-country skiing trails. Backcountry enthusiasts find a trackless deep powder wilderness. Poker Run, North Park Ice Fishing Contest or the Gould Ski Scramble provide plenty of things to do and see all winter.


AN ASIDE: This is is simply beautiful, with a down home western atmosphere. I took a business/leisure trip out there recently and fell in love with the place and the lifestyle. I happen to work for a company that provides expert NYC carpet cleaning services in Manhattan, so my home is a far cry from this wilderness area. Also my work involves a very demanding clientele due to the fact that many of their carpets are either heirloom or collectible quality rugs. So getting away to this place with clean air and a lot of peace and quiet is just what I needed. One of our wealthy clients owns a home here and suggested I come visit in the winter for some snowboarding and cross country skiing. I spent the week being shown the scenic north central portion of Colorado that includes North Park and Jackson County. The deep powder I expereinced was out of this world. So if you have the chance to visit this part of Colorado, go for it.


The Walden Chamber of Commerce's Calender


Dates are subject to change,
please contact the Event Coordinator, 
the North Park Arts Council,
or the Chamber of Commerce (970-723-4600) for verification.
   THE ICE RINK IS OPEN - Open Hockey games are scheduled from 7pm to 9pm, Mondays and Thursdays during winter
JUNE - 2007

WALDEN - NORTH PARK Pioneer Reunion
information contact number 970-723-4600 June 23-24--WALDEN Never Summer Rodeo. 2 days of rodeo festivities and fun. Barbeques, dances, rodeos, parade on Sunday. Contact number 970-723-4600 or 970-723-4384

JULY - 2007

WALDEN Friends of the Library
Outhouse and Barn Tour.

Contact number 970-723-4602


WALDEN North Park Day. Street Fair with booths for vendors of all kinds. Contact number 970-723-4600 July 27-29
WALDEN Field Dog Retriever Trials. Contact number

AUGUST -2007
18 - 19

WALDEN Sky's the Limit and Art in the Park. Vendors,
entertainment, food booths set the park. Hot air balloons take
to the air both mornings. Contact number 970-723-8396

Please make sure to visit again!

Many other activities take place in Walden, North Park, Jackson County, but they and their information are not known at this time. Come on up and see what might be going on!!!!!


More Background On The Walden Chamber Of Commerce

The Walden Chamber of Commerce, also known as the North Park Area Chamber of Commerce, plays a pivotal role in promoting tourism and community engagement in Walden, Colorado, and the broader North Park area. This chamber is dedicated to showcasing the unique attractions and outdoor recreational opportunities that make North Park a desirable destination for visitors and a cherished home for residents.

Activities and Attractions North Park, encompassing Walden, offers a range of activities that cater to nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those looking to unplug from their routine. The area is renowned for its hiking, fishing, ATV 4-wheeling activities, hunting, snowmobiling, and wildlife viewing. The scenic beauty of North Park, with its diverse terrain from glacier-carved peaks to lush river valleys, provides an ideal backdrop for these activities. The chamber emphasizes the area's natural beauty and downhome western atmosphere, making it a perfect combination of a mountain getaway with small-town charm​​.

Community and Visitor Support The North Park Area Chamber of Commerce is located in Walden and offers a variety of services, including an accommodation directory, business directories, cultural information, discount packages, relocation guides, and safety information. This makes it a comprehensive resource for both visitors planning a trip and individuals or families considering relocation to the area​​.

Special Events One notable event that highlights the community spirit and the chamber's role in promoting local tourism is the winter ice fishing tournaments hosted by the North Park Chamber of Commerce. These tournaments, held at Lake John Resort, Cowdrey Lake, and Delaney Butte Lakes, attract participants from across Colorado and neighboring states, providing a significant boost to local businesses through increased revenue from lodging, food, and other services. The event is a testament to the area's appeal as a hub for outdoor sports enthusiasts and showcases the chamber's commitment to creating engaging community events​​.

Visitor Resources For those seeking more detailed information about recreational opportunities, the North Park Visitors Guide, supported by the chamber, offers insights into local attractions, lodging options, and the many recreational activities available. This guide serves as a valuable tool for visitors and new residents alike, providing a snapshot of the best that North Park has to offer, from outdoor adventures to local events and cultural experiences​​.

Conclusion The North Park Area Chamber of Commerce, through its efforts to promote tourism, community events, and support for local businesses, plays a crucial role in the vitality of Walden and the surrounding North Park area. Whether you're drawn to the area for its outdoor recreation, the community spirit, or the scenic beauty, the chamber and its resources stand ready to enhance your experience.


The Walden Chamber of Commerce, also known as the North Park Chamber of Commerce, is situated in a region that offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors. The area around it is highly regarded for its natural beauty, outdoor activities, and welcoming atmosphere for tourists. The Chamber is ranked as #5 out of 7 things to do in Walden, indicating its significance in the local tourism landscape.

The region hosts resorts and accommodations ranging from rustic cabins to luxurious villas, indicative of the diverse visitor experiences available near the Chamber of Commerce. Resorts like Sheraton Steamboat Resort Villas, The Porches, and Wyndham Vacation Resorts Steamboat Springs are among the top-rated accommodations by visitors for their exceptional service, comfortable amenities, and proximity to outdoor activities. These reviews highlight the area's appeal as a destination for both relaxation and adventure, with many properties emphasizing their friendly staff, clean and spacious rooms, and ideal locations for exploring the natural surroundings​​.

The North Park area, with the Chamber of Commerce at its heart, evidently serves as a gateway to exploring Colorado's rugged Rockies, offering everything from hiking and wildlife viewing to ice fishing tournaments. The Chamber's role in promoting these activities and supporting the local business ecosystem contributes significantly to the region's popularity among visitors seeking an authentic Colorado experience.



Underscored businesses are chamber members


Chedsey Motel
537 Main St
Walden, CO 80480

Roundup Motel
365 Main Street
Walden, CO 80480
[email protected]

North Park Inn & Suites
625 Main Street
Walden, CO 80480

Antler’s Inn
460 Main St.
Walden, CO 80480

Westside Motel
441 LaFever St.
Walden, CO 80480

Cowdrey Cabins
41489 Hwy 125
Cowdrey, CO 80434
[email protected]